Get the Great Decisions Framework at December 6 Workshop: Achieve Your Business Growth Goals in 2017


I am very excited that our workshop Achieve Your Business Growth Goals in 2017 with the Great Decisions Framework will be video streamed on Facebook starting at 6 p.m. 12/6, on the Townsquared Facebook page.  

​For those or you who want to network and attend the live experience, please join us at Oakstop in Oakland on Broadway.

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In this workshop you’ll learn to uuse The Great Decisions Framework (GDF) to get focused and energized by creating  your 2017 Vision of Success. Then turn the vision into business strategy. Next, set strategic objectives and take away your number one action item to complete in the next 30 days. Take home the brand new Great Decisions Workbook.

Location: OakStop, 1721 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612
Mandela Meeting Room in the lower level

Near BART 14th Street Exit, Parking on the street or nearby lots.

5:00–6:00pm Networking and Holiday Reception
6:008:00 Workshop (join live stream on Townsquared Facebook page)
8:008:30 Networking and wrap-up

The purpose of the Great Decisions Framework is to help business owners and leaders avoid pitfalls and make effective decisions on a daily basis and be ready challenging decisions effecting the business and their lives. The framework helps business owners manage the increasing intersection of business, people and technology.

Recently, I got a call from a former client who needed help with a critical decision. I spent the next couple of hours with this person. All the data was there but the final decision was still not clear. So I suggested we go for drink to relax and let the decision surface. The person did take some time off the next day and the decision was clear. Business negotiations moved forward.

The pitfall in this situation was pressing for a decision. Releasing the tension allowed the individual to evaluate the options better. Relaxing the mind helped the individual open up their thinking and honor  their values and personal goals related to the decision. Learn more next week.