How Does a CGO (Chief Growth Officer) Help the Whole Company Achieve Goals and Hit Targets ?

Turn over at the C-Level is widespread.  So how will those taking on the new role of Chief Revenue Officer (CGO)succeed on delivering on end goals and targets.REGISTER NOW for LEVEL UP! Developing Business Growth Practices for Real People
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At the moment one of the great examples of an organization that delivers on every level is te the Warriors, the new NBA Champions.   While the NBA trophies are beautiful, what I love about the Warriors leadership team and Steve Kerr’s coaching is that it is all about joy, commitment to doing the work to play basketball at the highest level by the whole organization: top down, bottom-up and across every role. Everyone comes together to achieve the end goal.

The NBA Championship Celebration Parade in Oakland, California provided lessons for CGOs to look beyond numbers and standard business principles and pay attention.  The soul of the Warriors came through in the parade.  What you could see through the event was recognition of the contributions by ALL team members, being embedded with their fans/customers, and maturity over ego.

1.  Recognizing the contributions of each an every person on the Warriors team was remarkable.  World famous stars to operations and game day staff all walked in the parade with signs noting their role.  The TV commentators announced all the units and we could really see their faces not just confetti.

2.  The Warriors aren’t just aligned and engaged with their fans/customers, they are embedded with them.  When Draymond Green, Steph Curry, Steve Kerr and others got down from the buses and celebrated with the fans on the streets it was like a family.  Kerr’s comments that celebrating in Oakland was for all people was as authentic as you can get.

3. The maturity demonstrated by the leadership and team through the stresses of the playoffs was reassuring.  Each individual took responsibility for their actions, each other and the results.  There are a few organizations in the press these days that should take note.
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I had the opportunity to do a webinar for the Pitch Finalists at the IEEE Women in Engineering Conference in San Jose in May.  The core theme was speak as a CEO of a budding corporation.  Here are the links to the slides and audio file if you are looking for more input to your pitch preparation.  Note: the audio file is about an hour.

Audio file link

Does Your Company have a Chief Growth Officer (CGO)?


There is a great discussion going on in marketing circles since Coca Cola let go of their Chief Marketing Officer and then shifted to a Chief Growth Officer (CGO) position. Falling revenue pushed the company to connect revenue growth strategy, product, marketing, sales and digital marketing to achieve measurable targets.  The marketing industry is acknowledging that the CGO role is the trend of the future.  If this CGO trend is a surprise to you then read the articles below to understand this more holistic approach to revenue growth.

Marketing Profs gives you their five components of the CGO role click here.

Read the much shorter comments by Type A Communications that hits the key points of the CGO mindset.  click here



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