How Does a CGO (Chief Growth Officer) Help the Whole Company Achieve Goals and Hit Targets ?

Turn over at the C-Level is widespread.  So how will those taking on the new role of Chief Revenue Officer (CGO)succeed on delivering on end goals and targets.REGISTER NOW for LEVEL UP! Developing Business Growth Practices for Real People
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At the moment one of the great examples of an organization that delivers on every level is te the Warriors, the new NBA Champions.   While the NBA trophies are beautiful, what I love about the Warriors leadership team and Steve Kerr’s coaching is that it is all about joy, commitment to doing the work to play basketball at the highest level by the whole organization: top down, bottom-up and across every role. Everyone comes together to achieve the end goal.

The NBA Championship Celebration Parade in Oakland, California provided lessons for CGOs to look beyond numbers and standard business principles and pay attention.  The soul of the Warriors came through in the parade.  What you could see through the event was recognition of the contributions by ALL team members, being embedded with their fans/customers, and maturity over ego.

1.  Recognizing the contributions of each an every person on the Warriors team was remarkable.  World famous stars to operations and game day staff all walked in the parade with signs noting their role.  The TV commentators announced all the units and we could really see their faces not just confetti.

2.  The Warriors aren’t just aligned and engaged with their fans/customers, they are embedded with them.  When Draymond Green, Steph Curry, Steve Kerr and others got down from the buses and celebrated with the fans on the streets it was like a family.  Kerr’s comments that celebrating in Oakland was for all people was as authentic as you can get.

3. The maturity demonstrated by the leadership and team through the stresses of the playoffs was reassuring.  Each individual took responsibility for their actions, each other and the results.  There are a few organizations in the press these days that should take note.
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I had the opportunity to do a webinar for the Pitch Finalists at the IEEE Women in Engineering Conference in San Jose in May.  The core theme was speak as a CEO of a budding corporation.  Here are the links to the slides and audio file if you are looking for more input to your pitch preparation.  Note: the audio file is about an hour.

Audio file link

Does Your Company have a Chief Growth Officer (CGO)?


There is a great discussion going on in marketing circles since Coca Cola let go of their Chief Marketing Officer and then shifted to a Chief Growth Officer (CGO) position. Falling revenue pushed the company to connect revenue growth strategy, product, marketing, sales and digital marketing to achieve measurable targets.  The marketing industry is acknowledging that the CGO role is the trend of the future.  If this CGO trend is a surprise to you then read the articles below to understand this more holistic approach to revenue growth.

Marketing Profs gives you their five components of the CGO role click here.

Read the much shorter comments by Type A Communications that hits the key points of the CGO mindset.  click here



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Grow Your Business, Make Great Decisions

After dealing with health issues since the beginning of the year I am back and focused on business growth more than ever.  This is now The Great Decisions Blog. Each blog post will focus on one key decisions owners have to make to grow.
The key decision for this post is: 
Making the decision to grow your business
Many owners want to grow their business, but a clear decision keeps getting put off because of daily pressures, fear of taking the risk to grow or unsure about what business growth really means and the best route for the business to take. If you have questions about growing your business attend our events in April and May.
Panel:  How to Grow Your Business and Make a Better Economy FREE
Darlene Crane Moderator successful patterns for business growth in consumer, professional and B2B services Attorney Roseanne Torres, Esq. and Debbie Pfisterer, CEO Blue Heron Inc.   
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​To help you get started thinking about growing your business now read more…

Here are some of the most frequent reasons to grow a business in the next year or two.
Circle up to three reasons why you would decide to grow your business now.

  1.  Your need to increase sales and cash flow to break even
  2.  Build up reserves in case of changes in the economy, your industry or market
  3. Increase revenue  30 – 100% by distributing new products
  4.  Buy another company to increase contracting capacity
  5.  Increase revenue and earnings to improve living conditions and save for retirement
  6.  Achieve your greatest professional ambition and purpose
  7.  Other motivation to grow::________________________________________________

Now decide what is the number one reason to grow your business and put a star by it.
If you have difficulty making a decision about the number one reason to grow your business, you can

  • Do more research on your industry and the local economy
  • Interview customers or industry experts
  • Get input from peers.

The following story illustrates how business growth can be done with focus and persistence. I was pleased to hear from a past participant in one of our small business growth programs.  As an experienced construction project manager he could get work from a prior employer to cover baseline expenses.  He came into the program to double his earnings to have a better lifestyle and cushion. In a year after finishing the program he was very excited because he found his ideal customer niche and had reached his revenue goal. He now had the tools and successful results to keep growing his business.   
If you are asking questions about growing your business get answers at the panel and workshops on April 28 in Hayward and Oakland  .

For more insights into the real purpose of a business check out the article below from McKinsey & Company the leading consulting firm to CEOs click on the link:

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The purpose of the Great Decisions Framework is to help business owners and leaders avoid pitfalls and make effective decisions on a daily basis and be ready challenging decisions effecting the business and their lives. The framework helps business owners manage the increasing intersection of business, people and technology.
Recently, I got a call from a former client who needed help with a critical decision. I spent the next couple of hours with this person. All the data was there but the final decision was still not clear. So I suggested we go for drink to relax and let the decision surface. The person did take some time off the next day and the decision was clear. Business negotiations moved forward.
The pitfall in this situation was pressing for a decision. Releasing the tension allowed the individual to evaluate the options better. Relaxing the mind helped the individual open up their thinking and honor  their values and personal goals related to the decision. Learn more next week.

Sixty Million People Make Up Gig Workforce, Larger and Potentially More Valuable than Assumed per McKinsey


Research from McKinsey & Company, one of the leading consulting firms, provides deeper understanding of the Gig Workforce.  The Gig Workforce is the growing number of freelance workers,contractors and independent businesses since the Great Recession.  In October, McKinsey reported that the gig workforce is much bigger than previously thought. “Up to 30% of working-age people in the United States and Western Europe are engaging in independent work, either as their primary source or supplemental source of income,” said Susan Lund, partner at the McKinsey Think Tank.  About 60 million people in the U.S. are in the domestic gig workforce. Furthermore, 70 per cent of these people choose to be independent to have more creativity and more opportunity to learn and grow. 

It was great to see that the study shattered the common perceptions that the gig economy was composed of primarily Uber and Lyft drivers.  The report did not mention that many Uber and Lyft drivers may be between jobs while they look for professional or career satisfying positions.  The report noted that these independents do grow into businesses and hire other contractors or employees.

What is important to me was the last line of the report which noted that gig workers represent all ages, genders, incomes and education levels.  They acknowledge that “independent work is growing and we (in America) need to redesign what it means to have a career or a job.”
I am pleased to see that the talent and business moxie of 60 million people is finally recognized as an important sector of the economy. 

My research indicates about 15% of independent workers and solopreneurs do form businesses and continue to grow.  For those 9 million future independent growth businesses here are my three tips from transforming from a solopreneur to a business:

1.Validate customer demand and the profile of your ideal customer
2.Create a vision of success for your business and hold on to it
3.Learn about business at a pace you can absorb and make improvements in your business
1.Validate Customer Demand and the Profile of Your Ideal Customer

First, think about who your current ideal customers are who recognize your value. Write down the key characteristics of these customers. Also describe customers that do not work out as expected. You want to avoid taking on clients with those characteristics.  For consumer products and services, business owners have to be specific about demographic characteristics of customers like age, gender, cultural profile and lifestyle.  With public information verify the number of ideal potential  customers and find out where they gather.   

2.Create a Vision of Success for Your Business

If you and your family are dependent partially or fully on cash flow from your independent business activities, then plan and work to be successful.  Start with describing, visualizing and setting goals for the success of your business.  Be realistic and aim for a sales level that covers your baseline needs and allows for cash to invest in future growth.  Growth may require a credit line or capital from friends, family or crowd funding. 

3.Learn About Business at a Pace You Can Absorb and Make Improvements in You and Your Business Work
You are now in business so learn about it. You can start with free workshops on money management, marketing and sales, and staff hiring and management.  It is also important to learn about yourself especially your strengths and weaknesses.  Of course build on your strengths.  If you are a good writer then improving your marketing and communications skills can help initially.  But at some point you have to decide if paying for marketing and promotion assistance is better so you can lead your staff toward your vision of success.

As independents, we have to acknowledge our shortcomings and make improvements in our skills and behaviors. We have to be honest about our receptivity to making change or hire a specialist to just close the gap.  Beating ourselves up or ignoring our gaps is non-productive.  Our job as owners is to fix problems and keep moving forward.  We have to manage the whole business to be successful.