Business Growth Advising

If you are taking a major growth step or product project then customized advising with our proven tools helps you  achieve desired results, manage risks and add value to the company

Custom Growth Advising is the right choice for owners who are excited and committed to a significant growth project for their company.  Typical projects clients seek assistance with are site expansion, strategic marketing and sales development, new product development, long-term growth strategy, funding and implementation mapping.

Increase the success level and reduce the risks of your growth projects with:

  • A  clear picture of what the future company will look like
  • Tools to plan and implement a major strategy or product
  • Executive development to lead a larger more complex company
  • Preparation and guidance through your funding efforts

All projects are co-developed with the client.  We strongly recommend owners complete the Business Growth Potential Assessment package as the first step in a custom growth project(s). 

Contact Darlene Crane for a conversation about your exciting growth opportunities and specific needs.
Further information, references and case studies are available upon request.