Business Growth Assessment

Our Growth Potential Assessment helps owners make better decisions before they invest too much of their time, energy and money in growth strategies and projects. The most frequent needs are to validate growth ideas and high level tangible expectations for:

  • Improving operations efficiency, effectiveness
  • Increasing revenue
  • Business and site expansions
  • Product development
  • Partnership formation
  • Exit

This is a service package with easy steps

  • Complete the Growth Potential Assessment form and review your responses with an adviser
  • Get a quick check on market opportunity, risks and financial assumptions report
  • With your adviser make your go/no go decision on committing to your growth strategy
  • Define you top action steps

Get a full description of our fixed price assessment at the key revenue steps up to and beyond $1 million dollars.
Assessments Revenue Levels are: Selling, Developing, Evolving, Emergent Growth

Contact Darlene Crane for further information, references and case studies relevant to your specific company needs.