Business Growth Group Programs

Responsible and Effective Decisions Are Now Key to Retaining Customer Trust and Loyalty.

Hone your decisions and actions on the journey to your desired stage of business growth and leadership. Our comprehensive business development programming give you the knowledge and tools to take your place in your industry, markets and networks to achieve your goals and fulfill your mission.

The picture to your right is of a graduation event for CEO leaders

Our interactive programs combine business growth knowledge and proven practices with individualized advising tailored to your learning and leadership style. Lead your company to your desired level of revenue growth.  Build your company tool kit to make the journey toward $1 Million or recognize you could take your business to Mid-Market levels beyond $10 Million.

Our engaging and multi-disciplinary group programs help you lead and  manage company growth in a changing economy.  Each program focuses on key executive activities that require informed and effective decisions.  The key executive activities are:

  • Business Performance and Growth: Planning, Action and Oversight
  • Obtaining the right forms and levels of financing
  • Developing products that hit necessary sales forecasts
  • Growth through strategic contracting

Darlene thinks out of the box and stimulates you as a workshop participant to do the same.  She gets to the root of “what are you selling” and enables business owners to define their own unique strengths–and in do doing, urns the lens through the client’s eyes. The gift is that “aha” moment, where we can see ourselves from a new distance.  I recommend her work!

Kelley Flynn, Kelley Flynn Design

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Core Business Growth Programs

Secrets to Finding the Right Funding for Your Business

Don’t chase money! Focus on building a solid business so funding sources can say YES!

Audience: Owners of companies with growth strategies that require funding.

Scheduled for Q4 2021

In this program gain the deeper knowledge of the financial sector to find the right sources and work with them to obtain adequate funding.  Know the questions to ask to find the financial professionals who want to help the non-traditional entrepreneur.  Then orchestrate your entree into the sector and financial networks. 

  • Take charge of company performance and financial position of your company
  • Build your compelling funding case
  • Know how financial professionals evaluate your company
  • Make the decisions and act to meet financial product or campaign success requirements

As you prepare for the funding process it will help you improve how your business works to produce solid financial results.

By participating in the program Winning Strategies was able to be much more competitive in the bidding process.  By clarifying the value proposition of the company … we were able to partner with a leading prime contractor to win the redesign of a major public agency website.  We are now responding aggressively to RFPS for larger opportunities.
Cynthia Mackey, CEO, Winning Strategies

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Product Development and Market Success!

Use the product practices and tools that deliver good revenue.

Audience: CEOs, CTOs, CMOs, Product Managers in small and independent companies

Scheduled for Q4 2021

Product Development is one of the most powerful and complex growth strategies. The development process alone is a major investment in time, money and resources with market risks.  About 45% of product development efforts are successful, meaning meeting sales targets at launch or at a level acceptable to management.   As an independent business you don’t have the big budgets and reserves for big delays or mistakes.

This program is designed to help you increase sales of existing or new products.  Know how the professionals increase their probability of product success to 60/40, 80/20 and 90/10.  Practice using the tools that validate product market value through development, launch, and post launch  refinement.

  • Build your product commercialization toolkit tailored for your company and industry
  • Use The Great Decisions Framework™ to build a company-wide system to surface and  structure the tough decisions on product social, ethical issues
  • See Case Study: Cannery Café

Contact Darlene Crane or call 510.908.0762 for program description and other details