Darlene Barrientos Crane

MBA: Finance, MA: East Asia Studies,MA: Information Science

Commitment to small- and mid-size business growth

My passion is sustaining and growing independent businesses.  Since I was very young I was fascinated by smaller stores that had a unique feel created by the owners.  After years of burnout and stress in independent consulting, I reached a point where I decided to totally re-design  product management, business performance and growth consulting and graduate school level course content to meet the needs of independent businesses. Also wanted these products to be relevant to the needs of diverse businesses.

 I believed my insights as an only women of color in financial services product and program management could help diverse business owners move beyond barriers and reach their greatest potential.  With solid business practices and wider perspectives together we can increase the sustainability and economic clout of independent businesses and communities.

These are the capabilities I bring to clients:


  • Since 2016,  researched and  delivered  services to enhance the growth of independent diverse business enterprises to established small businesses over $1Million or reach for Mid-Market levels
  • Served as Executive Director of the Alliance for Community Development to  recruit, coach and present diverse start-up entrepreneurs to the investment and banking industry
  • For over a decade researched delivered multi-disciplinary  business growth programs to existing micro and small businesses to grow over $1 million in gross revenue
  • Author of the MBA-level textbook Executive Accountability: Creating the Environment for Business Value from Technology
  • Corporate consultant in Enterprise Technology Program Funding and Management and M&A Integration
  • As a Group Product Manager designed and funded  successful replacement of  payments settlement system for global bank
  • Ten-year vision of operations, financial systems and customer experience for bank merger integration
  • Led operations turn-around of $2B financial operating unit
  • MBA Level Business educator, Speaker and Panelist on Technology Innovation and Business Value Creation

Key Positions

  • Chief Value Creator, The CraneWorks
  • Member, East Bay Advisory Group to Working Solutions a non-profit micro business lender
  • President, PCI Crane Consulting
  • Executive Director, Alliance for Community Development
  • Adjunct Faculty, John F. Kennedy, School of Management  and Golden Gate University, School of Telecommunications
  • President Project Concepts, Inc. a boutique corporate consulting in Enterprise IT, Product strategy and M&A Program Management, specialty in Financial Services
  • Group Product Manager and Head, Customer Accounting, Financial Services

M.B.A Finance, Golden Gate University
M.A. East Asian Studies, Japan, University of Michigan
M.A. Library Science, University of Michigan
B.A. History and Political Science, Pitzer College

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