Executive Accountability

Executive Accountability:
Creating the Environment for Business Value from Technology

By Darlene Barrientos Crane and Margery Mayer (Praeger Publishers, 2003)

Executive Accountability addresses issues that are more relevant than ever.
n 2003 we anticipated that the Internet would make management, decision making and business value growth a 24/7 process across organizations and wrote Executive Accountability as a practical guide for executives to realize greater business value from future technology strategies and initiatives. The book introduces the Seeing Solutions Map™, a game-changing tool to help the decision makers set priorities and make tough tradeoffs to achieve steady growth.

Readers familiar with the opportunities, risks and stresses of large-scale enterprise technology projects will find much food for thought as well as practical suggestions and tools to realize greater measurable results.

Are you a Chief Growth Officer, Product Manager, CIO or IT Program Manager  
Darlene has identified the most relevant chapters for you (each has discussion-generating questions at the end): 

The chapters most relevant to the conditions and challenges for Technical and Generalist Product Managers in 2017 are:
Chapter 4: Building Organization-Wide Processes for Delivering Value from Technology
Chapter 5: Creating a Structure for Organization-Wide Collaboration
Chapter 6: Developing Organization-Wide Technology Decision Making
Note: put a structure that works into project collaboration by clicking on the link to chapter 5 

The chapters of particular benefit to Business Product Managers and Chief Growth Officers are:
Chapter 7: Establishing a Value-Driven Management Process for Technology
Chapter 8: Identifying the Value of Technology
Chapter 9: Overseeing Initiatives to Generate Business Value from Technology

“Executive Accountability addresses the most essential factor in the achievement of maximum benefits from a technology initiative—there are no successful technology initiatives, only successful business initiatives. The book is a must read for executives who are searching for value from their technology investments.”
—Marvin Balliett, CFO
   Merrill Lynch Technology and Services, NY, NY
The Seeing Solutions Map™ is an excellent tool for aligning the organization’s vision with I.T. solutions or implementations. It’s concise yet comprehensive. The discussions of the real-world cases are reassuring to managers in that they illustrate unexpected things sometimes occur but with good planning and open communication obstacles can be overcome and projects can be successful in the long run. 
—Dr. Donna Schaeffer
   University of San Francisco
“Mayer and Crane really hit a chord when they discussed a process for optimizing collaboration. In truth, it takes a great deal of effort to make collaborative structures work. The authors have provided a road map for this, which I think could be invaluable to many enterprises.”
—Marion McGovern, President
   M Squared Inc., San Francisco