Grow Your Business, Make Great Decisions

After dealing with health issues since the beginning of the year I am back and focused on business growth more than ever.  This is now The Great Decisions Blog. Each blog post will focus on one key decisions owners have to make to grow.
The key decision for this post is: 
Making the decision to grow your business
Many owners want to grow their business, but a clear decision keeps getting put off because of daily pressures, fear of taking the risk to grow or unsure about what business growth really means and the best route for the business to take. If you have questions about growing your business attend our events in April and May.
Panel:  How to Grow Your Business and Make a Better Economy FREE
Darlene Crane Moderator successful patterns for business growth in consumer, professional and B2B services Attorney Roseanne Torres, Esq. and Debbie Pfisterer, CEO Blue Heron Inc.   
Date: Friday, April 28, 2017, Time: 8:30am No registration required
Location: Sherman Balch Pavilion, St. Rose Hospital, Hayward
By the Latino Business Roundtable of the Hayward Chamber Commerce.

​Workshops:  LEVEL UP!! Business Growth Practices for Real People
​May 2 and May 7

​To help you get started thinking about growing your business now read more…

Here are some of the most frequent reasons to grow a business in the next year or two.
Circle up to three reasons why you would decide to grow your business now.

  1.  Your need to increase sales and cash flow to break even
  2.  Build up reserves in case of changes in the economy, your industry or market
  3. Increase revenue  30 – 100% by distributing new products
  4.  Buy another company to increase contracting capacity
  5.  Increase revenue and earnings to improve living conditions and save for retirement
  6.  Achieve your greatest professional ambition and purpose
  7.  Other motivation to grow::________________________________________________

Now decide what is the number one reason to grow your business and put a star by it.
If you have difficulty making a decision about the number one reason to grow your business, you can

  • Do more research on your industry and the local economy
  • Interview customers or industry experts
  • Get input from peers.

The following story illustrates how business growth can be done with focus and persistence. I was pleased to hear from a past participant in one of our small business growth programs.  As an experienced construction project manager he could get work from a prior employer to cover baseline expenses.  He came into the program to double his earnings to have a better lifestyle and cushion. In a year after finishing the program he was very excited because he found his ideal customer niche and had reached his revenue goal. He now had the tools and successful results to keep growing his business.   
If you are asking questions about growing your business get answers at the panel and workshops on April 28 in Hayward and Oakland  .

For more insights into the real purpose of a business check out the article below from McKinsey & Company the leading consulting firm to CEOs click on the link: