Launching New Products in Post-Pandemic Times

As a business owner stay focused on your customers and their needs. It is important to make good decisions about the right balance between in person and online communications with customers. Search for the right technology products and services that amplify your messages in a way that enhances connections to your customers. Learn and use technology at a pace you can commit to. Check out our expanded comments on these topics:

Stay customer focused with all your marketing and sales efforts

If customers are coming to your store front, talk to them. If key customers are staying away, give them a call to just talk and find out what they are thinking. Create a short survey and email it to customers to find out what they will want to buy in the next 3 – 6 months. Thoughtfully review customer comments and needs statements.

Customer needs are the heart of good marketing and communication. Imagine the conversations and keywords you would use with customers if they walked into your store, restaurant, or retail space. Imagine how you would use these key words in conversations in the future.

Then create three sets of messages to communicate your products and services for use in three situations:
1. In person conversations
2.Text stories about your products or services have helped customers through your social media feeds
3. Brief and clear messages with a great picture that tells the story that you have created in text

Now, ask the questions about which technology products will communicate the message best to your current and prospective customers. Use the right messages and images within the scope of the three communications vehicles. It is better to think more and communicate less frequently but with more meaningful content. Keep in mind that technology is an amplifier of messages and content, NOT the end in itself.