Look to the Future

At this point being able to say I am fully vaccinated is a relief and a dilemma. I feel my whole body relaxing because the risks of the worst effects of the Covid-19 virus are lower. Now, the future is here. Wondering what the right strategies, plans and actions to take creates a whole new level of stress. There is a desire to return to what was normal pre-pandemic. But do I want to bring back the frenetic pace that I was working, just to keep up with what was happening around me. After about 15 months of slowing down and letting deeper thoughts surface as the pandemic progressed, the clients that are coming to TCW are ready to leap forward.

Looking backward at 2019 is a risk since customer and buying behavior shifted dramatically in the pandemic. Learn to do your own market research in your industry, local operating territory, customer segments, and specific niches. This is the first step that we take our program participants and advising clients since 2008 to the present.

Now is the time to contact loyal customers by phone, email or in person and ask them what they need and want in the coming months

  • Prepare five to seven key questions and actually write down the answers.
  • Go back and read the answers and mark the most frequently used words
  • Their answers are literally telling you

• what products they will buy

• why they need them

• when to deliver them

This current data will make it much easier for you to plan through the end of 2021. Frequently, the responses trigger deeper and more insights understanding of your customers that leads you to innovative ideas for new products or enhancements that lead to major growth steps.

Turn this information and your insights into an action plan and a budget. Then you can focus your work efforts. Combine the insights from customers with your expertise and experience to take your business to a much better place.