More Great Conversations at Step Up to Growing Your Business 

 Theme for the Evening Became:  Shift from Overwhelmed to Focused Action

The highlight of the workshop last week to Step Up to Growing Your Business was seeing business owners really engaged in the breakout discussions to grow their businesses and be ready for the challenges small businesses face continually. Thank you to Marc Siegel of Townsquared for helping out and bringing the great pizza and salad.

Join in the discussion of the top three strategies for generating Good Revenue (which is predictable, profitable, and diversified) and comment on the notes from each breakout group.
Modernize your marketing and promotion efforts with great content and simple consistent social media: Lisa Cain of MarketingU encouraged everyone to keep it simple and doable. We all agreed content is becoming more important to get noticed, social media should get the content to your ideal customers.  How are you shaping the content you are sending all over the world when you post? Is your best content getting to your ideal customers or clients?

Review and update your business model:  Amy Barr of A2B Strategy led a discussion of the Business Model Canvas to review your current business and find opportunities to increase revenue and manage expenses. What are you doing?  Do you know how the Business Model Canvas could help? When did you last update your Business Plan or review your whole business model?

Modernize or develop products to create multiple revenue streams.  As I led this group the phrase, focus on your ideal customer came up as the starting point and ending point.  The Internet now makes it possible to enhance and develop products at more reasonable costs. But product development has more risks because success is determined by the customers’ very specific decisions to buy.  How can you deeply understand your new customer?  Are surveys and interviews enough? How can you as a local business owner build a unique and loyal customer base in a more diverse world?

This is when the discussion for the whole group turned to The Great Decision Framework. Our new Podcasts and workshop this fall will help owners use the framework to ask great questions, make decision and take focused action on business growth.

Shift From Overwhelmed To Focused Action: