PCI Crane Consulting is now The CraneWorks

Our company has evolved and our name has too. When I started PCI Crane Consulting over two decades ago with specialties in corporate product development and enterprise projects, I had to get specifics on forming and growing a consulting practice from books and a few generous people. There was no support or published work about how a woman of color might build an independent consulting business integrating finance, technology and program management.

Educated as a research librarian, my role models are authors and anyone who dedicated themselves to recording and sharing knowledge with others. Over the years, I kept all my work documents and illustrations in the hope that these collected works would be useful to others especially other pioneering women, people of color and unique individuals. The CraneWorks will develop and widely distribute the most relevant and valuable content, services and products to businesses that want a repeatable process for growth at a pace they set. 

My husband Steve Crane, Dean of Presidio Graduate School and Chief Financial Officer of
​PCI Crane Consulting, is an advisor and contributor to future products and services. Steve’s expertise in sustainable management and finance complements my work in marketing, product development and steady growth.

Our new logo evokes the voyagers of the Pacific Islands who sailed immense distances to discover, settle and stay connected. The twin sails of the Islanders’ traditional catamaran represent the love Steve and I have not only for my home state of Hawaii but our respect for island cultures and passion for the value local businesses of many sizes and industries bring to communities.

We look forward to helping your company thrive. Welcome!

Darlene Crane
President, The CraneWorks