The Future of Small and Mid-size Businesses

I am pleased to see more research going on about micro-businesses – The GoDaddy study done with the Milken Institute

Search the link to the Milken data and maps on micro-business density in the Metropolitan Areas. I checked out the City of Oakland. It was interesting to see that high density was concentrated in the Downtown area. My guess is it’s where the larger co-working spaces are located. Quickly, the density of micro businesses fades out the further you go East and West across the City of Oakland.

I am disappointed that these massive studies are, primarily, for influencing policy. It is a lack of rich information and data on the millions of micro-, small- and mid-size businesses in this country. This segment makes a major contribution to GDP yet deep knowledge especially about diverse business enterprises is limited. This lack of knowledge limits design and delivery of innovative and effective learning experiences and solutions.