Business Performance and Growth Solutions

Achieve Your Desired Business Goals

You have been in business for a while and have a vision for growth and lasting value and making a broader contribution. Use proven methods, advising or group programs to achieve your desired results.

  • Pursue the right growth opportunities
  • Invest your time and funds appropriately
  • Reduce risks of operating and growing a business
  • Know what resources are needed to get results
  • Develop your executive capabilities
  • Set up and implement growth projects to achieve desired results
  • Have a sounding board and direction through issues and tough decisions
  • Enhance greater contributions


  • With peers develop your executive style and skills
  • Define the right #1 growth project to achieve your desired results
  • Implement your growth project with support
  • Build your company solid growth tool kit
Darlene Crane

Our clients get short and long-term results:

The CraneWorks helps clients find growth opportunities other business growth methods overlook and turn them into results. 70% of clients increase revenue from 10 to 100%. Our goal is that your investment in services is covered by future revenue growth in the short-term and company exit value in the long-term. All clients gain insight into how and why why they did not hit their performance or growth targets.

Your investment will pay for itself as the value of your company grows. Read this case study on Cannery Cafe.

Our Track Record

Our motivated owners are able to operate their business and complete growth projects to achieve goals in stages 

Our historical track record for business growth by clients is a bell curve that exceeds national trends:

  • 7% cross $1 million in gross revenue in 2 – 4 years
  • 20% hit $500,000 – $900,000 in gross revenue in 5 – 8 years
  • 40% increase gross revenue from 10 – 30% per year

Relationship clients: Sustain growth to and beyond $2 million potentially to exit
In comparison total U.S businesses over $1M revenue

  • 2.2% women owned (most consistent statistics)
  • 6.3% men owned (all categories)

            Source:  SCORE 2016

What are our clients are saying:

Darlene helped me become the CEO of my own company.  She’s helped me hire a good team so I can take a vacation and not worry. She continues to help me work through expansion plans. I’ve referred other business owners and will continue to do so. Debbie Pfisterer​, CEO

Company Goals and Achievements

“We crossed $1M in revenue and keep growing.”

  • We started by participating in a group program
  • Now we are working with The Crane Works team to take the biggest growth step in our history.
Darlene Crane is our company’s business advisor and trainer. She has been there each step of the way as we grew through the $1M mark and beyond. I consider her our management safety net to help keep our vision honed, and help us achieve company performance goals. Jason Line, CEO

Company Goals and Achievements

“We want to hold where we are after growing the company staff over the years”

  • We plan annually on how to leverage our resources and pursue opportunities
Darlene is resourceful, knowledgeable and easy to work with. She helped my company reach the next level and assisted in making my business more attractive to prospective buyers so I could comfortably retire and enjoy the next stage of life. Leslie Golden, Happily Retired Architect

Company Goals and Achievements

“I wanted to make a successful transition from ownership to retirement.”

Darlene is exceptionally effective as a business advisor and problem solver because she has both technical and intuitive skills, a highly unusual combination.  Also, she is more than passionate about clients; she is a highly experienced advocate with the ability to inspire, lead and teach.  Her combination of discipline, creativity and persistence is the perfect recipe. ​ Michael Spears, CEO, AAEE​

Company Goals and Achievements

“The CraneWorks collaborates with businesses and non-profits to grow independent businesses led by low- to moderate- income owners and strengthen local economies.  We are actively engaged across the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California.”

If your organization helps small- and mid-market businesses scale, and you need growth management support, call Darlene Crane to discuss.